Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Check your skin out.

Hello all.

Now that we're offically into summer, I'm sure you're wondering about how to take proper care of your skin. To suncreen, or not to sunscreen? To moisturize, or not to moisturize?

No one can say it better than Dr. Mercola. Reason 1000 why I love him: Check out his new site for facial products. There is some marketing at the bottom for his products, but the exciting stuff takes up the majority of the page. He'll tell you what's good for your skin, chemicals that you need to avoid, etc. A definite must-read.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thanks for the inspiration, MJ...

Last night my roommate and I shared a delicious Thai dinner and stumbled upon Michael Jackson's This Is It on television. I've seen it about three times, but it was my roomie's first time, and he could not believe it. MJ, even middle-aged, was totally kicking ass on stage. The dude still sang and danced perfectly, and it was hot.

With anniversary of his death coming up this Friday, I am again reminded of just how tragic the whole thing is. His show was poised to blow the world away. And if you watch that movie, his passion, talent, and enthusiasm will blow YOU away. Goes to show that if you have a talent or a passion, never never never give it up. Rather, work that sucker and show it off. Otherwise you're denying the world your gifts.

I guess that's my message for today. Tapping into your talent and passion is your God-given birthright, and not only will others think you are amazing, you will FEEL amazing. You'll soon wonder how you could ever breath or exist before when you weren't doing what you love. Cheesy, but true.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More about dairy...

It's hard to read, and even I go through periods of hoarding cheese, but this is a comprehensive overview of the dangers of dairy. Just some things for you to keep in mind when standing in that dairy aisle at the grocery store...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Man boobs, oh my!

Check out this article about the rise of surgerical procedures done to remove "man boobs."

What they don't talk about is how those man boobs are forming in the first place.

Lack of exercise and/or sleep, excess stress, and excess dairy and/or soy consumption all raise hormones such as estrogen and cortisol in the body that are dangerous at high levels. Keeping an active lifestyle, getting adequate sleep, and eating a diet high in whole foods and low in dairy/soy are all excellent ways of reducing fatty deposits such as man boobs.

Check out under Detox for more information about how you can gently cleanse your body with delicious foods beginning THIS TUESDAY JUNE 1ST!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Organize for success at work!

Check out these tips from my favorite Feng Shui guru, Sheri Ruston:

Many entrepreneurs tend to neglect their workspace. They’re so busy seeing clients, going to networking events, doing marketing and so many other business necessities that they forget to take care of their office. But what they don’t realize is that when the workspace is neglected and in disarray, they’re actually blocking the flow to attract more clients, more opportunities and more m.oney.

Is your office cluttered and disorganized? Disorganization and clutter are the primary causes for creating stress and blocking business opportunities from coming your way. Think of any powerful CEO. You’ll never see them surrounded by chaos and clutter. They make sure to keep their offices orderly so that their minds remain focused, they have complete clarity and they can be productive.

Here are 3 Feng Shui tips to help you start boosting the energy in your workspace.
1. At the end of each workday clear off your desk, file away your paperwork, dust off your computer screen, empty out your trash can, put away your coffee cup and all other objects that will prevent you from staying focused.
2. Clean out your filing cabinets, desk drawers and office closet. Toss out anything that’s not needed, making space for the new. Categorize everything with labels, boxes, and beautiful containers.
3. Imagine the role that you would like your office to serve in your business. Think of a few words that best describe what you want from this space. Some words might include "productive" or "clarity" or “success.” Remove anything that does not help you achieve your vision. Always think about those successful entrepreneurs that you admire most, envision what their workspace is like and recreate that for yourself. Remember, your office is a direct reflection of how successful you are in your business.

© Sheri Ruston, Energy In Motion International

Sheri Ruston, aka "The Flow Doctor", is the founder of Energy In Motion International. Her company is committed to helping heart-centered entrepreneurs break through their blocks to wealth so that they can grow their revenues, serve the world in a bigger way and achieve financial f.reedom to live extraordinary lives. To receive your free e-course "3 Proven Secrets to Attract More Clients and Make More Money" go to

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sweet Journey

Hello all!

Boy have I been busy lately!! In case you didn't know, I now have a new full-time job, and I am SO much happier, busier, more productive...the list goes on. Let me explain.

It's been such an interesting journey since I graduated college in 2006. I went to nutrition school, moved to L.A., worked for lululemon athletica, met a boy and fell in love, went to Hawaii for a 3-week yoga teacher training, left lululemon, worked a crazy marketing job and broke my leg and sprained my knee, left crazy marketing job, broke up with aforementioned boy, sat on couch until my leg healed hoping my heart would heal too, watched two of my best friends get married at their weddings, went back to Hawaii for intense yogi time, focused intently on nutrition and yoga, launched my detox program, spent two weeks in Connecticut for Christmas, played the dating game, more nutrition and yoga yet growing feeling of dissatisfaction and loneliness, quit drinking, more nutrition and yoga without much zest...

I don't regret a single moment in that journey, no matter how painful and wretched it seemed in the moment. It's been wildly powerful and exhilarating, and it's brought me to this point:

The present: I am working for Equinox Fitness as a Membership Advisor while keeping my nutrition business on the side, working out with a personal trainer and just began training for a triathalon. Every single day I am surrounded by intelligent and supportive friends, coworkers, and new faces. I am continually inspired by our members, and my nutrition clients, and it's feels great to be in such an energized, results-oriented environment. Oh, and I LOVE MY LIFE.

Life's not about doing what you think you're supposed to be doing. You've got to find out what it is you're passionate about. Then you figure out how you work best, how you need your work environment to be to ensure success. And then you work hard, smiling the whole way through thick and thin.

Even if your current situation isn't ideal, find the positive in every single moment. Take action. Maybe you need to step outside your comfort zone. Just do it. Learn the lessons now before more precious time passes by. I assure you, you won't regret it.

Just a little insight on a Monday night. I know my journey is far from over, and there are many more lessons to be learned. For now, I'm going to close my laptop, get ready for bed, and sleep peacefully knowing I'll handle anything life throws my way. Sweet dreams, cuz it's a sweet life.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chirp for berries!

During my 21 Day Gentle Detox, I encourage my participants to eat fresh (and hopefully organic) berries such as blueberries and raspberries. The darker the better, as they provide TONS of antioxidants and vitamin C. Both nutrients are vital for sweeping free radicals from your bloodstream, smoothing and nourishing the skin, protecting the immune system, and preventing inflammation in the body.

Even birds know to eat antioxidant-rich berries to prevent stress on their bodies. Read this incredible article for proof!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Friday, March 26, 2010

clean out the toxins, Michelle-style!

Spring is upon us! What a refreshing, glorious season it is. We don't see quite a huge change in weather here in sunny Southern California, however there is SOMETHING in the air that signals the cold winter nights may be behind us...

Springtime is when animals eat bitter greens, roots, and barks after hibernating all winter. This kind of diet cleanses their bodies and flushes out the mucus and fat stored over the winter. We humans ought to do the same, and lighten up our diet so our bodies have a chance to shed excess layers in preparation for the hot summer.

We go from summer BBQ and beers to Halloween candy to Thanksgiving feasts to sugary Christmas cookies and holiday booze to New Years champagne to Valentine's Day chocolate to St. Patty's day booze...Not to mention all the chemicals and pollutants we're exposed to on a daily basis from our environment. Do we ever give our bodies a break? Answer most likely is no.

And gross tip for you: We store all those toxins in our body fat, necessitating the creation of extra fat to protect us from more toxins! Doing a cleanse is one of the fastest ways to have transformation and see change. If you want to seriously change your life and health for the better, and feel amazing, you should do a cleanse a minimum of 2x a year, and maximum 4x a year. You'll find you'll naturally crave doing one with the changes of the seasons.

Trust me, there will never be a perfect time to do a cleanse, your calendar will never be perfectly clear, and there will always be some kind of excuse you can use to not take charge of your health right NOW. So don't procrastinate any further, no matter what you have going on.

Come join me for my Gentle Spring Detox! I will be participating as well, and I've been through it multiple times, so I know exactly what to expect and how to help you accomplish your goals! Check out and click on Spring Detox to read through the testimonials of my fabulous past participants! Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Major recalls on processed foods...

Another reason to eat whole foods and stay away from processed ones.

The FDA announced that HVP manufactured by Basic Food Flavors has been recalled, and an estimated 10,000 products are affected by this recall. Hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP) is a flavor enhancer commonly used in processed foods.
HVP is found in snack foods such as potato chips and pretzels. It's also used in dry mixes for chip dips, gravy, au jus and marinades. HVP is also used in frozen foods (such as taquitos and quesadillas) and in fresh foods such as potato salad and fresh dips. In addition to these items, it is also used in many other grocery products.
The recall was issued due to possible salmonella contamination. Salmonella is one of the most common causes of bacterial food-borne illness in the United States. It can cause fever, diarrhea (which may be bloody), nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain.

The following soup and dip mix products are included in the HVP recall.
Castella Chicken Soup Base
Concord Foods Vegetable
Dip Seasoning - Homestyle
De la Casa Spinach Dip
Dean's - various brands of soup/soup mix & dip/dip mix
Delicioso Spinach Dip
Follow Your Heart Beef Au Jus
Fresh Food Concepts Garden Fresh Spinach & Spinach Dip with Real Yogurt
Great Value Ranch Chip Dip
Healthwise Cream of Mushroom Soup
Homemade Gourmet Tortilla Soup Mix
Johnny's French Dip Powdered Au Jus
Kroger Onion
& Beefy Onion Soup Dip Mix
McCormick French Onion & Vegetable Dip Mix
Mrs. Gerry's Crab Creole Spread & Old Home/Old Fashioned Spinach Dip
Oak Lake Farms French Onion Chip Dip
Publix Beef Flavored Stew Mix
Reser's soup and dip mixes
Rojo's Garden Fresh Spinach Dip
T. Marzetti soup and dip mixes

Bouillon products
Herbox chicken, beef & vegetable bouillon

Dressing and dressing mix products
Follow Your Heart Organic Creamy Ranch Dressing
Reser's Ranch House Dressing
Trader Joe's Organic Creamy Ranch Dressing & Dip

Flavoring base and seasoning products
Garden Harvest Special Blend Seasoning
Minor's Bacon Base
Publix Meatloaf Seasoning

Gravy mix products
McCormick Onion Gravy mix
Publix Mushroom & Au Jus gravy mixes

Sauce and marinade mix products
Durkee Spaghetti & Marinade Mix
French's Thick Spaghetti Sauce Mix
Weber Grill Creations Italian Herb Marinade Mix

The following is a list of snack and snack mix products that are included in the HVP recall.

CVS Honey Mustard Pretzel Bites
Great Nut Supply Honey Mustard Pretzels & Bar Mix
HK Anderson Honey Mustard Pretzel Bites
Tim's Cascade Hawaiian style snacks
Herr's Sea Salt Flavored Kettle Style Potato Chips
National Pretzel Company (various)
President's Choice Honey Mustard Onion Pretzel Bite snack
Pringles Restaurant Cravers Cheeseburger & Family Faves Taco Night
Quaker Baked Cheddar Snack Mix
Rouses Louisiana's Best Snack Mix
Safeway brand Honey Mustard Onion Nugget Pretzels
Spec's Wines & Fine Foods
Sunflower Markets Honey Mustard Nugget Snack Mix

Frozen foods
Casa Solana Shredded Mini Beef Taquitos
E-Z Eats! Beef Taquitos
El Pasado Shredded Beef Mini and Beef Taquitos & Grilled Chicken Quesadillas
Giant Eagle Steak Taquitos
Jose Ole Taquitos
Posada Corn & Shredded Beef Taquitos
Tornados Ranchero Beef & Cheese

Prepared salad products
Reser's Redskin Potato Salad
Safeway brand Redskin Potato Salad
Walmart brand Redskin Potato Salad

Ready-to-eat meal products
Follow Your Heart Ready-to-Eat Meals

Stuffing products
McCormick Corn Bread Stuffing

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Embrace change 2010.

About a year ago, I went to a coworker's birthday party. We danced and danced and drank and drank. The next morning I woke up with shooting, stabbing pains throughout my right leg. Two weeks later,my manager explained it was apparent that I couldn't perform at my job, and the next day I found out my leg was broken and my knee was sprained.

I'd been walking on a broken leg and sprained knee for two weeks at at a job I disliked because they had been reluctant to let me take an afternoon to see the doctor. Jobless and unable to exercise, I sat on a couch for a month and a half. My boyfriend broke up with me soon afterwards, leaving me single and jobless. My response was to drink a HUGE glass of red wine, followed by drinking 3 strong margaritas at karaoke that night.

In those moments, life seems hopeless. It's easy to revert to victim-mode, crying out the WhyMe's and the PoorMe's to anyone and everyone who will listen.

But if you take a deep breath, you'll realize what I already knew and always tell my friends: Everything happens for a reason. Nothing is permanent. And in order for you to be successful in life, you MUST be constantly growing, adapting, and changing. And rather than reacting to things, you can choose how you will respond and handle difficult situations.

Sure things are still difficult and I'm not exactly where I want to be, but my life is exponentially better than it was a year ago. I am no longer in a toxic job or relationship, and I have a fabulous phone list of friends who I love and cherish and have grown closer to as a result of last year's events.

A lovely yogini friend of mine posted this message from Wayne Dyer on Facebook this morning, and now I shall share it with you. Whether you believe in God or not, just trusting that everything's happening the way it's supposed to makes all the difference. So when a monumental event or change comes your way, relax, smile, and enjoy the ride.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Those darn resolutions...

(yes I took that picture. If you live in the South Bay, go hiking in Rancho Palos Verdes on the Portuguese Bend, you won't regret it...)

New Year's Resolutions...okay yes I know it's already February but still, I'm curious as to what people wrote down. I told everyone I made "general intentions," buuuuttt I lied. See, I have a hard time writing down my goals and sticking to them, even though I'm great at helping friends and family do this important act.

I usually can't decide what it is that I want. There are so many things I want to do, so many opportunities, how could I possibly choose? What's right for me, what's attainable and realistic? Or should I dare to dream the impossible?

Wikipedia defines the New Year's resolution as "a commitment that an individual makes to a project or the reforming of a habit, often a lifestyle change that is generally interpreted as advantageous." The site also notes recent research around resolutions and goals: Though 52% of the participants in studies were confident they would be successful, only 12% actually achieved their goals. UNREAL!

With that knowledge, most people believe it's futile to create resolutions in the first place. Why try if you're just going to fail?

I believe this year will be different. Studies show that if you write down small, measurable, and attainable goals, you have a MUCH better chance for success. It also helps to gain support from friends and family, as this will hold you accountable and keep pushing you forward. So this weekend I will sit with myself and write everything down, as clear and specific as possible. I'll keep you posted :-)

In the meantime, I'm dying to know, what were/are your New Year's resolutions??? Any big, hair, or even tiny goals you've set for yourself? Let me know!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lusciously healthy vanilla!

Finally getting back to writing for! Love love love it! I try to focus on local content and companies, so if you've got anything in and around L.A. that is also health-related, let me know and I'd be glad to cover it!

Check out my new article about vanilla and the amazing, yummy company LAVANILA!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dairy and my stuffy nose

Hey ya'll.

I've been plagued by the most disgusting cough and stuffy nose for over a week now, and I know exactly why it's happening. I typically avoid dairy, but the last couple weeks I relaxed my diet to accommodate birthday parties and didn't get much sleep. What I'm left with is a bunch of mucus. Gross, I know, but hey I'm the one dealing with it. It's totally my fault, I shouldn't have eaten it, but sometimes it's healthier to eat a piece of pizza with friends than to sit in a corner by yourself hiding from it.

I've posted about dairy before, but here's some great stuff from Dr. Mark Hyman:

The Truth about Dairy

According to Dr. Willett, who has done many studies and reviewed the research on this topic, there are many reasons to pass up milk, including:

1. Milk doesn't reduce fractures. Contrary to popular belief, eating dairy products has never been shown to reduce fracture risk. In fact, according to the Nurses' Health Study dairy may increase risk of fractures by 50 percent!

2. Less dairy, better bones. Countries with lowest rates of dairy and calcium consumption (like those in Africa and Asia) have the lowest rates of osteoporosis.

3. Calcium isn't as bone-protective as we thought. Studies of calcium supplementation have shown no benefit in reducing fracture risk. vitamin Dappears to be much more important than calcium in preventing fractures.

4. Calcium may raise cancer risk. Research shows that higher intakes of both calcium and dairy products may increase a man's risk of prostate cancer by 30 to 50 percent. Plus, dairy consumption increases the body's level of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) -- a known cancer promoter.

5. Calcium has benefits that dairy doesn't. Calcium supplements, but not dairy products, may reduce the risk of colon cancer.

6. Not everyone can stomach dairy. About 75 percent of the world's population is genetically unable to properly digest milk and other dairy products -- a problem called lactose intolerance.

Based on such findings, Dr. Willet has come to some important conclusions:

    • Everybody needs calcium -- but probably not as much as our government's recommended daily allowance (RDA).
    • Calcium probably doesn't prevent broken bones. Few people in this country are likely to reduce their fracture risk by getting more calcium.
    • Men may not want to take calcium supplements. Supplements of calcium and vitamin D may be reasonable for women.
    • Dairy may be unhealthy. Advocating dairy consumption may have negative effects on health.

If all that isn't enough to swear you off milk, there are a few other scientific findings worth noting. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently asked the UDSA to look into the scientific basis of the claims made in the "milk mustache" ads. Their panel of scientists stated the truth clearly:

    • Milk doesn't benefit sports performance.
    • There's no evidence that dairy is good for your bones or prevents osteoporosis -- in fact, the animal protein it contains may help cause bone loss!
    • Dairy is linked to prostate cancer.
    • It's full of saturated fat and is linked to heart disease.
    • Dairy causes digestive problems for the 75 percent of people with lactose intolerance.
    • Dairy aggravates irritable bowel syndrome.

Simply put, the FTC asked the dairy industry, "Got Proof?" -- and the answer was NO!

Plus, dairy may contribute to even more health problems, like:

    • Sinus problems
    • Ear infections
    • Type 1 diabetes
    • Chronic constipation
    • Anemia (in children)

Due to these concerns, many have begun to consider raw milk an alternative. But that isn’t really a healthy form of dairy either ...

Yes, raw, whole, organic milk eliminates concerns like pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, and the effects of homogenization and pasteurization -- but to me, these benefits don't outweigh dairy's potential risks.

From an evolutionary point of view, milk is a strange food for humans. Until 10,000 years ago we didn't domesticate animals and weren't able to drink milk (unless some brave hunter-gather milked a wild tiger or buffalo!).

If you don't believe that, consider this: The majority of humans naturally stop producing significant amounts of lactase -- the enzyme needed to properly metabolize lactose, the sugar in milk -- sometime between the ages of two and five. In fact, for most mammals, the normal condition is to stop producing the enzymes needed to properly digest and metabolize milk after they have been weaned.

Our bodies just weren't made to digest milk on a regular basis. Instead, most scientists agree that it's better for us to get calcium, potassium, protein, and fats from other food sources, like whole plant foods -- vegetables, fruits, beans, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and seaweed.

So here is my advice for dealing with dairy.

5 Tips for Dealing with Dairy

    • Don’t rely on dairy for healthy bones. If you want healthy bones, get plenty of exercise and supplement with 2,000 IU of vitamin D daily.
    • Get your calcium from food. These include dark green leafy vegetables, sesame tahini, sea vegetables, and sardines or salmon with the bones.
    • Try giving up all dairy. That means eliminate milk, cheese, yogurt, and ice cream for two weeks and see if you feel better. You should notice improvements with your sinuses, post-nasal drip,headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, energy, and weight. Then start eating dairy again and see how you feel. If you feel worse, you should try to give it up for life.
    • If you can tolerate dairy, use only raw, organic dairy products. I suggest focusing on fermented products like unsweetened yogurt and kefir, occasionally.
    • If you have to feed your child formula from milk, don't worry. The milk in infant formula is hydrolyzed or broken down and easier to digest (although it can still cause allergies). Once your child is a year old, switch him or her to real food and almond milk.

Still got milk? I hope not! Remember, dairy is not crucial for good health. I encourage you to go dairy-free and see what it does for you.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Black bean recipe!

Hello all!

We're wrapping up our cleanse for this month, and my participants enjoyed all kinds of delicious, healthy, and EASY recipes! I also encouraged them to play with their food, open up the cupboards, and throw things together on the fly! It's a trick I learned from my canny and resourceful mother, and some of my best meals are created this way.

Tonight's dinner:

1 can black beans
1-2 heaping tsp of dried oregano
1 tbsp coconut oil
1 tsp sea salt
1 raw garlic clove, minced
1 tsp garlic powder
dash of hot sauce

Threw it all together, didn't even measure anything, so the above are estimates. If you're into dairy, melt some sharp swiss or cheddar cheese on top. I had some dairy-free and soy-free cheese, it's made from rice milk, so I melted that. YUM!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My experience at Integrative Nutrition

As I wrote in the "About Me" section on my website, food and healing has been an important part of my life. With a doctor and a nurse as parents, health and nutrition were important in our household. Coupled with an Italian grandmother, thus began a long, strange relationship with food. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with food. Food as comfort, food as punishment and a deprivation technique, food that heals, food that burns fat, food that increases energy, food that embodies a culture...

The list goes on. As you can see, food has been my best friend and my worst enemy. My friends in high school and college used to make fun of me because I knew all the vitamin and nutrition contents of any fruit or vegetable you put before me. My weight fluctuated. One year I was binging, the next year I was starving myself. I worked out three or four times a day, used laxatives, I developed IBS, and was diagnosed with ADHD, depression. It was exhausting for my friends to deal with, and they grew distant. I saw therapists, nothing truly helped me to love and respect my body. I was weighed every week to make sure I wasn't losing more weight, but I would put on more jewelry and layers. I was in complete and utter denial.

Denial got me nowhere. I was so obsessed with working out and my tiny meals, that at my first job out of college, my supervisor sat me down as my boss and as my friend. We decided I needed to leave to address the thing that no one, including myself, wanted to say or talk about: I had an eating disorder.

Sad, depressed, and very scared, I moved back in with Mom & Dad and got treatment. I sat back and thought about what the heck I was going to do with my life, and I certainly knew that I did not want others going through the same health problems and stress about food and body image that I went through.

I popped onto the internet, typed in nutrition and holistic health schools, and there it was, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. While also working at a mostly organic restaurant, I spent a year learning about every single dietary system out there, the food-mood connection, how to counsel others, and most of all, I learned how to heal myself.

I always knew about healthy food, but this took it to the next level. Studying the ancient healing systems such as Ayurveda, macrobiotics, and Chinese elements, alongside contemporary diets such as the Zone, raw foods, and glycemic index, PLUS getting spiritual guidance from teachers like Deepak Choprsa, Ilyanya Vanzant, and Debbie Ford filled me to the brim with positive love and energy. I learned it's not just about the food, but also about your relationships, spirituality, exercise, and career.

Founded by Joshua Rosenthal, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition is at the forefront of holistic nutrition education, offering cutting-edge training that enriches minds, careers and personal lives. Graduates of the program become agents for positive change in their families, communities, the healthcare system and beyond.

Not only did we learn, we also danced, laughed our faces off, met amazing friends over lunch breaks, and watched the most inspiring videos about food and nutrition in America.

IIN not only gave me the tools to help others, it also saved my life. The education, lifelong friends I made, and consistent support are priceless.

Whether you are considering a new career, you feel as though something is missing from your life, or you want to exponentially boost your health and happiness, please visit Mention my name (Michelle Butler class of 2007) for a great discount!

The best investment you can make is for yourself. Take it from me. I overcame an eating disorder, moved across the country, and am now living my dreams as I guide others to vibrant health. Whatever you're yearning for, don't let another day pass by without taking an action step towards your goal or dream.

And of course, if you have any questions regarding the program, please don't hesitate to email me. Much love and gratitude,


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Friday, January 8, 2010

Get ready for yumminess!

Hello all,

I've been enjoying the last couple weeks, wining and dining with friends but still staying within the general protocol of my cleanse, and I honestly feel fantastic! I shall go into complete cleanse mode on Monday the 11th, so if you'd like to join me and all the other participants, sign up at under Post-Holiday Cleanse. I've got a great group of people, and I think I'll create an online forum so ya'll can talk to each other IN ADDITION to the unlimited email access you have to me and my zany brain.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend, I sure am! I just hosted a dinner party, we're drinking wine, I'm going on a hike tomorrow with a dear friend, and I have dates set up for tomorrow and Sunday nights! Life is good!~

Much love and gratitude,

Michelle L. Butler CHHC, AADP

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Olive oil. I'm obsessed with it. I have to have it every day. In fact, when my family and I went to to Italy, I ate it morning, noon, and night until I got sick of it. And then I needed it again a week later.

Yes it's fat. But it's good fat. In fact it's GREAT fat. Your body needs healthy fats like olive oil to help your hair, skin, nails, moods, joints, and digestion. It helps your body better absorb vitamins from vegetables, so don't neglect the oil dressing when eating salads!

Plus it increases satiety, helping you feel fuller and satisfied. Studies show that just 2 tablespoons of olive oil every day helps you lose more body fat. The oil helps boost your body’s production of adiponectin, which is a metabolism booster and also helps curb your appetite. Extra virgin, cold-pressed olive oil is best because it's the least processed/refined.

Plus it's high in antioxidants, so acts like a natural sunblock for your skin. You can also apply topically to your skin to alleviate dryness, itchiness, and wrinkles.

I'm proud to be an olive oil snarfing Italian!