Saturday, September 26, 2009

Read up on your health!

One of the reasons I started this blog was to give you the most up-to-date nutrition and health info. So always keep checking back for more posts. However, it would behoove you to also do some investigating yourself. Be an educated consumer. DO NOT believe everything the newspapers and magazines tell you, because often they are either wrong or are paid by drug and food companies, and thus are completely biased.

The site I use for THE most innovative, honest approach to health and wellness is The founder of the site, Mike Adams, is extremely passionate about health and nutrition, and has set up a team to scour the internet and scientific studies for the most accurate information. Check it out!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

All you need is love...

My friend Emma and I went to Joshua Tree for Bhakti Fest, a yoga and music festival, and we met MANY interesting people from all walks of life. These people were so open, spiritual, and absolutely full of love and gratitude for the healthy drinks we were passing out. (Check out my friends' company for more info!)

One lady stopped by the booth, she was at least 90 years old, but totally lucid and with it! Her face was wrinkled but with lovely smile lines, and I asked her what her secret for longevity was. She chuckled, tilted her head, and answered:

Love. She said you need to have infinite love for everything and everyone. There is no good nor bad, nothing is better than another. Love every moment and everything you do.

I thought that was pretty powerful. I went home and quickly popped in "love and longevity" into Google, and found this guy Dr. Stephen Post who started The Institute for Research on Unlimited Love. I couldn't believe it! He's proving how love affects every area of our lives, especially including our health! The home page of the website asserts that "[a]ll the goodness of life is nurtured in the soil of love, for love comforts, heals, creates, liberates, and elevates our lives in a way that nothing else can."

A quote from one of the full papers: "The evidence to be accumulated herein supports the following hypothesis: One of the healthiest things a person can do is to step back from self-preoccupation and self-worry, as well as from hostile and bitter emotions, and there is no more obvious way of doing this than focusing attention on helping others. This transformation of being and of doing seems to promote emotional and physical well-being, and odds are, will add some years to life."Stephen G. Post, Ph.D.

I'm planning on loving and smiling well into my nineties. How about you?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Still feelin figtastic...

So I'm not much of a dairy person, but I was feeling like I needed some good bacteria for my belly, so I bought plain organic Greek-style yogurt.  If you're gonna have it, this is the best since it's low in sugar and high in probiotics.  

I wanted to share this with you, because it was ABSOLUTELY delicious.  Get this:  I'm still hooked on the figs, so I diced 4 figs  into a cup or so of the unsweetened yogurt, drizzled a bit of agave nectar, and voila!  An unbelievable dessert or snack.  And much healthier than the sugar filled ones.  

Play around with fresh fruit, granola, whatever suits your fancy!