Monday, May 2, 2011

Cleansing all of You

As we are living Beings on a breathing Planet, we cannot help but connect to the Seasons; Lunar and Solar cycles; and the Planet’s elements of Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Space that occur within and around us at all times. Energetically, we have recently transitioned from Winter to Spring, hibernation to awakening, whether we are consciously connected to this process or not. Our Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul have their individual blueprints as well as an interconnectedness to move our whole Self toward Harmony with Community and all of Life.

Cleansing is the first step in this process of transformation. Nutritional cleanses address detoxification and rejuvenation of our physical Self. In addition to physical cleanses, I invite the opportunity to allow the cleansing process to move through our subtle layers of Self: Mind, Spirit and Soul.

When we move the cleansing process to the less physical aspects of Self, we become more connected to our authentic Self. Can we let go of imposing thoughts and energetic holdings that are no longer nourishing? Ever wonder why we feel so peaceful after a massage? Massage allows our muscles to release energetic blocks that manifest in the form of knots and allow Prana/Chi/Life Force to flow more fluidly. Massage is a great tool for reflecting and becoming aware of where we are not allowing energy to flow physically in our Body and possibly in our Life.

Similarly, how great do you feel after taking a Yoga class? Our Yoga teachers guide us to regain the reigns of our Mind through Intention, Breath and Body movements. We go back to those great teachers and classes because we value the importance of cleansing the Body as well as the Mind and Spirit. There are many activities we do that have awakening potential. The more we cleanse our whole Self, the more every experience is a transformational tool toward Nourishment and Harmony.

I invite you to continue the cleansing process. Explore the more subtler aspects of You:

* Sit, Be, Breathe. Maybe this starts as a forced task, to sit, be still and just breathe for a few minutes a day. The more this is repeated the less force you will put in and the more flow you will receive.

* Play. Allow yourself to enjoy the simple pleasures in Life. Once a week (or more), do an activity just for you because it is Fun and you Love doing/seeing/feeling, this experience!

* Visualize. Before you go to bed (or before you get out of bed in the morning), close your eyes and go inside and Smile at every part of You: head to toe, muscles/tendon/ligaments, root to crown Chakra, every cell and all of the water and space that makes up You.

* Feel. Take a deep breath in and exhale with your mouth open as many times that feels appropriate, repeat often. Feel for any places of holding or tension and allow this stagnant Energy to release on each exhale, Invite fresh Energy to refill all aspects of You.

Christy Evans, M.S., CCC-SLP, 500-RYT