Saturday, May 29, 2010

Man boobs, oh my!

Check out this article about the rise of surgerical procedures done to remove "man boobs."

What they don't talk about is how those man boobs are forming in the first place.

Lack of exercise and/or sleep, excess stress, and excess dairy and/or soy consumption all raise hormones such as estrogen and cortisol in the body that are dangerous at high levels. Keeping an active lifestyle, getting adequate sleep, and eating a diet high in whole foods and low in dairy/soy are all excellent ways of reducing fatty deposits such as man boobs.

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  1. You're the cutest, Michelle! Totally looking forward to starting this next cleanse with you! I used to work a high-strss well paying job- until I find something I was mad passionate about. About ditching the dollars and following my dreams, someone said "jump and the net will appear." I did, it did, and now every day is a gift! Hooray!