Friday, March 26, 2010

clean out the toxins, Michelle-style!

Spring is upon us! What a refreshing, glorious season it is. We don't see quite a huge change in weather here in sunny Southern California, however there is SOMETHING in the air that signals the cold winter nights may be behind us...

Springtime is when animals eat bitter greens, roots, and barks after hibernating all winter. This kind of diet cleanses their bodies and flushes out the mucus and fat stored over the winter. We humans ought to do the same, and lighten up our diet so our bodies have a chance to shed excess layers in preparation for the hot summer.

We go from summer BBQ and beers to Halloween candy to Thanksgiving feasts to sugary Christmas cookies and holiday booze to New Years champagne to Valentine's Day chocolate to St. Patty's day booze...Not to mention all the chemicals and pollutants we're exposed to on a daily basis from our environment. Do we ever give our bodies a break? Answer most likely is no.

And gross tip for you: We store all those toxins in our body fat, necessitating the creation of extra fat to protect us from more toxins! Doing a cleanse is one of the fastest ways to have transformation and see change. If you want to seriously change your life and health for the better, and feel amazing, you should do a cleanse a minimum of 2x a year, and maximum 4x a year. You'll find you'll naturally crave doing one with the changes of the seasons.

Trust me, there will never be a perfect time to do a cleanse, your calendar will never be perfectly clear, and there will always be some kind of excuse you can use to not take charge of your health right NOW. So don't procrastinate any further, no matter what you have going on.

Come join me for my Gentle Spring Detox! I will be participating as well, and I've been through it multiple times, so I know exactly what to expect and how to help you accomplish your goals! Check out and click on Spring Detox to read through the testimonials of my fabulous past participants! Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!

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