Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thanks for the inspiration, MJ...

Last night my roommate and I shared a delicious Thai dinner and stumbled upon Michael Jackson's This Is It on television. I've seen it about three times, but it was my roomie's first time, and he could not believe it. MJ, even middle-aged, was totally kicking ass on stage. The dude still sang and danced perfectly, and it was hot.

With anniversary of his death coming up this Friday, I am again reminded of just how tragic the whole thing is. His show was poised to blow the world away. And if you watch that movie, his passion, talent, and enthusiasm will blow YOU away. Goes to show that if you have a talent or a passion, never never never give it up. Rather, work that sucker and show it off. Otherwise you're denying the world your gifts.

I guess that's my message for today. Tapping into your talent and passion is your God-given birthright, and not only will others think you are amazing, you will FEEL amazing. You'll soon wonder how you could ever breath or exist before when you weren't doing what you love. Cheesy, but true.

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