Friday, October 23, 2009

Appreciate your friends!

Yesterday was my 25th birthday.  I started the day with a delicious and healthy veggie omelet at Marmalade Cafe, then took my time poking around Whole Foods and Trader Joes for groceries.  I spent a couple hours on the phone with my family and friends from the East Coast, and gleefully read all the birthday messages on my Facebook wall.  And then came the birthday party.

I arrived at the restaurant at 7:25 PM, and from there all the way until 1:00 AM, people began to filter in.  Friends from old jobs, my yoga community, education courses, college, my regular karaoke joint...they were all there and mingling with each other! And those who couldn't show up in person texted and emailed me amazing heartfelt wishes.  It was incredible.

And because my friend Joanne knows I'm sensitive to gluten, she baked a flourless chocolate cake that was so delicious! How thoughtful was that?!  

Even friends who I haven't seen in years showed up, which caused me to realize, that even in your darkest moments, when you think you're alone and feel as though you have to go through life by yourself, you always have your people who truly, deeply care about you.  Who will step off their flight from Hawaii and come right to your party.  Who will show up even if they don't know anyone or are exhausted from work.  Who will listen when something didn't go well or you need to vent.  Who will always tell you that you look beautiful.  

You just have to always look at the sunny side of things, cherish your loved ones, and treat others how you would want to be treated.  And be grateful for every single person in your life, for they are all your teachers and a reflection of your own self.  I feel so grateful and humbled, thanks to all my amazing, talented, intelligent, kind, and endearing friends for kicking off my 25th year on this planet in the most powerful way.

And yes, last night I drank wine, I sang karaoke, and yes, I danced my face off.  

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