Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Before you diss karaoke...

So many of you who know me are aware that I've kinda got this thing for karaoke.  Almost every Sunday, even if it's just for one song, I drive over to Pancho's in Manhattan Beach to get my sing on. And often I can get good friends like my buddy Hilary to break out their dance moves with me :-)

There are many reasons why I can't stop going.  I mean, I LOVE to sing, and when you LOVE to do something, it's very difficult to stop.  And there are some regulars who I see every week, thus familiar faces and laughs shared every week.  Plus years of performing in high school and college helped me learn to enjoy being on stage immensely.

For those of you who don't get it, think it's dumb or cheesy, or maybe you just have stage fright, I decided to do a little bit of research into the benefits of karaoke.  Check this out:

-universities are currently studying the positive effects of karaoke, such as "increased respiratory strength, endurance, control, and capacity, as well as emotional and physical release," and therefore how karaoke could help people with disabilities.

-singing releases endorphins, the happy hormones our bodies produce to make us feel good.

-being on stage increases confidence, and especially when supported by the crowd, participants feel socially accepted and a sense of belonging.

-plus when you get to laugh and have fun with your friends!

So practice some songs at home, grab a bunch of friends, and head over to karaoke!

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