Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Trust YOUrself

Ever feel like your body is in conflict?  Like your brain says one thing and your gut says another?  Maybe you don't feel right about doing something but your brain tells you to do it because you have to, or someone won't like you if you don't?

This is a battle between your mind and your intuition.  The mind is tricky, for it processes millions of thoughts, reactions, events, and experiences from the past as a way to guide you.  You may hear your parents' voices in your head, "You need a secure job with a good salary and benefits to be safe."  But you've always wanted to be an actor, your heart and your gut tells you it must be so.

Or you see your parents' and friends' bad relationships and you think, "I will never get involved in a relationship so that I don't get hurt."  But then that perfect person comes along and you start to melt a little.  Though your head keeps putting up distrust as a guard, you want this person in your life.

Most of us go through life never really listening to our bodies, our intuition, what we're feeling.  We're programmed to be logical, and think in a linear fashion.  However if this continues, if you stifle and stuff down your feelings, that is when illness and chaos can occur.  You live your life according to what you think you should do, what you have to do, and then BAM! You've got a cold, or an upset stomach, or you lash out at your loved ones.  

In this society of go go go, push push push, do do do, sit down for a second and ask yourself, "What do I need?  How am I feeling?  What's best for me?" without judgement from the mind or worrying about what others would say.  You have the right and the responsibility to listen to yourself, because at the end of the day, all you can safely say you know and have is you. 

Check out this intuition meditation from Yoga Journal.

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