Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm in love...

...with garlic all over again!  Today I stumbed upon a FANTASTIC product called Majestic Garlic.  It was in the raw foods section at Whole Foods, so I picked it up and looked at the ingredients.  Everything is all-natural, fresh, looked pretty good, so I brought it home with me.  Took a little taste, and it kind of reminded me of a really garlicky mayonnaise, or the garlic dip from Greek restaurants.  Dipped sauteed veggies in it, and oh MAN was it FAB-O!

I flew over to my computer, went to the company's website, and ordered more!  They have so many different flavors, including Goji Berry, Cilantro, Curry, Jalapeno, and the list goes on!  And they're local to Los Angeles, located up in La Canada by Pasadena.  Sweet!

Go to for more info, and to order from anywhere across the nation!  You must must must try it out!  And it's raw garlic, so it will boost your immune system and help you grow strong, healthy nails.  Do it!  

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