Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Inside Awareness

Yesterday I watched the movie What The Bleep!  I can't believe I hadn't watched it sooner.  Think The Secret (a cutesy Law of Attraction movie) but much more complex.  It delves deeper into quantum physics and the science behind the mind-body connection.

The most astounding part of the movie, for me at least, was when the lead actress comes upon an exhibit in a subway station about the effects of thinking on water.  Displayed were pictures of water molecules that negative sayings like "I hate you!" had been thrown upon, in contrast to water molecules that had been blessed or given positive sayings like "I love you."  The difference was incredible.

The negative thinking molecules were ugly and blotched, while the positive thinking molecules looked like beautiful snowflakes, intricate crystals.  

AND THEN, they told the actress to think about this:  The body is primarily made up of water, so imagine what our thoughts are doing to the molecules of water in our bodies.  Are you molecules destroyed or beautiful?  What are you mentally feeding your cells?

Any time you beat yourself up, curse your body, or despair about the future, you are destroying your cells and literally making them ugly.  Why do you think people feel amazing after a yoga class or in the presence of spiritual teachers?  Because you have been surrounded by love, and you need it so badly.  

Or how about when you sit down and eat a meal when you're angry or sad?  You're stuffing your body with negative emotions.  Food always tastes delicious and satisfying when you're eating with family and friends you love on a special occasion, and everyone's laughing and having fun. Thus your body and cells are nourished on the physical and emotional levels.

As always, just food for thought...

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