Monday, June 15, 2009

alkalize or die!

And that is literally the title of one of the books I picked up in nutrition school.  I don't believe in using fear tactics to get people be more mindful of their diet, but they do have somewhat of a good point.

This weekend I began a 3-week cleanse to give my liver and intestines some lovin'.  Included in this cleanse is making sure I check my pH level daily to make sure my body isn't too acidic.  It's like checking the pH of a pool and cleaning out the bacteria or fungi so that you can swim in cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing water.  Like the pool, your body can host thousands of little critters if you give them the environment they thrive in: acidity!

When foods are digested in your body, they either have an acidic or alkaline effect. Fruits and vegetables tend to fall along the more alkaline side, while meats, dairy, and grains are more acidic.  So try to eat more whole natural foods, and check your pH daily with a special tape you can buy at health food stores.

One trick to immediately balance yourself is to drink half a lemon squeezed into a glass of warm water upon waking.  This will also boost your liver and get your metabolism revved up into gear for the day.

I'll keep you posted about the cleanse!

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