Monday, May 18, 2009

Oh soy...

One morning when I was thirteen, my mother slapped down a plate of river bass for breakfast, and I screamed, "Gross!  I'm not eating this, I'm a vegetarian!"  Thus began years of confusion in the food department.

Vegetarians always get the bad rap for not getting enough protein in their diets, and many of them turn to soy products.  Heck there's a soy version of every meat out there.  I was dining on soy hot dogs, soy nuggets, soy burgers, soy cold cuts!  And drinking soy milk.  And eating soy nuts.

Soybeans actually have phytoestrogens in them, which means I was getting a TON of extra estrogen in my body.  When you're a teenager, extra hormones is never a good thing.  My poor parents.

Luckily I've gotten off the soy craze.  Those products make me bloated and more emotional than I already am, and they really aren't all they cracked up to be.  Soy is cheap and used as a filler in everything!  Plus it's been known to screw up your thyroid and fuel cancer growth.

If you must have soy, make sure it's organic to avoid pesticides and genetically modified soybeans.  And check out this article about different soy milk companies' ratings.

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