Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hemp, and no we're not talkin marijuana!

I was looking for simple but healthy tortilla chips in Trader Joe's the other day, and lo and behold, they now have Hemp Tortilla Chips with black sesame seeds.  Cowabunga! (Wow I haven't said that since the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies came out.)  

So interesting how hemp has become another touted trendy health food like soy, probiotics, organic foods, etc.  It is, in fact, not just a food for the dreadlock divas and granola guys.  It's great for everyone, despite the bad rap about it being related to it's THC-filled brother.

Hemp seeds are rich in easily digested vegetable protein, fiber, essential fatty acids, antioxidants like vitamin E, and an array of minerals.  Some traditional cultures even use this seedy guy for clothing, paper, lantern and vehicle fuel!  But I would just stick to throwing some onto your morning yogurt or oatmeal, and even cookie batter for some extra protein, fiber, and nutrients.

Check out those dynamic tortilla chips at Trader Joe's, and look for hemp seeds and protein in Whole Foods.  

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