Friday, April 10, 2009

Are you addicted to salt?

If so, you may be sending yourself down the road to high blood pressure, bloating, cellulite, clogged arteries...okay okay I'll stop there. But seriously, let's go over this salt thing briefly.

Our bodies do need sodium for proper transportation of nutrients to cells, and healthy function of blood vessels.  We lose sodium through our sweat and urine, especially athletes, and so some replenishment is needed.  However, our requirements can be met by eating foods naturally containing sodium and therefore we do not need to turn to the highly concentrations in the salt shaker.  These foods include seaweeds, celery, fish, eggs, nuts, pineapple, and even cow's milk.  

Be sure to watch out for hidden sodium in processed, canned and boxed goods.  Salt is used as a preservative to add shelf life to products.  And most restaurants love throwing in the salt "for flavor" rather than other fantastic and healthier spices, so be wary when dining away from home.  

Eating from the organic, whole food source ensures we don't overdose on our sodium levels and put ourselves at risk.  The human body needs the delicate balance between sodium and potassium, and too much of one throws off the other.  Fresh fruits and vegetables will add potassium to your diet.  Hence another reason why you should eat an apple a day!

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