Monday, December 14, 2009

Eating Guidelines

I'm on Day 13 of my 21 Day Holiday Detox and boy do I feel fantastic!

At the beginning of any new program, I always give my clients and participants some great guidelines for mealtime. They're not strict rules, but merely things to be mindful of. Check out the origins of these tips in America:

In 1898, Horace Fletcher, at 40, considered himself an old man. He was 50 pounds overweight, contracted flu every six months and constantly complained of indigestion and a tired feeling. After a deep study, he made some important discoveries and prescribed the rules for a so-called diet fad of the early 1900s, "Fletcherism," which are as follows:

1. Chew your food to a pulp or milky liquid until it practically swallows itself. (He suggested 23 times!)
2. Never eat until hungry.
3. Enjoy every bite or morsel, savouring the flavour until it is swallowed.
4. Do not eat when tired, angry, worried, and at mealtime refuse to think or talk about unpleasant subjects.

Horace Fletcher followed these rules for five months. As a result he lost more than 60 pounds and felt better than he had for 20 years. He became known as "The Great Masticator" (Masticate=chew). Unfortunately, when he died, a new fad came about: counting calories. Argh!

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  1. Huh, that's a diet plan I can actually follow! Seems like a good idea to only connect food with positive emotions. Thanks for posting!!