Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday gift for you!!!

Hi there!

Just wanted to reach out to you, and make sure you know that you deserve the absolute best when it comes to your health and happiness.

I'm meeting with clients and teaching yoga today,
but before I get going, I wanted to share with you
this amazing opportunity to help you
feel absolutely incredible...as early as NEXT week.

During the holidays, we need more support.
We work extra hard to clean, cook, and have enough money to shop and buy gifts, all to show our love and our appreciation for our loved ones. But if we don't feel good about ourselves, and we're not happy with our bodies, our health, or life in general, we miss out on so much of what the holidays can offer.
I know for me, there were a number of years where I "missed out" on the holidays. Either because:
I was beating myself up for not looking perfect in that holiday dress.
Or I was so worried about gaining weight from the holiday food that I would get stressed, cranky, and end up eating everything in sight.
Or my skin was so broken out, that I would make everyone late while I obsessed over my makeup application, and was extremely self-conscious of my face, even around relatives. It was miserable and I was burning inside.

And the thing is, if I knew then what I know now, I could have saved myself so much time, energy, and money, and had a much happier holiday season. I would have been a better, healthier person, and much more pleasant for everyone else around me.

Now that I feel absolutely amazing no matter what time of year, I'm available to coach YOU to do and feel the same.
All you need are the handful of simple tricks that I learned over the years to feel the difference in no time at all.

Which is why I am now offering a wonderful holiday gift for my readers!


2 private 45-minute "body breakthrough" sessions with Michelle ($400 value)

1 copy of the Revamp Your Body in 21 Days Detox, for you to keep on file and complete whenever is convenient for you in 2012. ($97 value)

1 BodyCare gift package, a box of the best quality nutrition and skin care products hand-picked by Michelle, delivered to your doorstep ($150 value)

Your holiday gift package rate: $197

Regular value: $647

Reserve your spot TODAY! There are only 20 spots available!

Call 310-413-3847 or email michelle@nutrabrilliance.com to reserve.

It is my mission to help you feel and look your absolute best. Don't let 2012 be another year you missed out and put yourself on the back burner.

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