Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Love those lemons!

I always recommend my clients drink warm water with organic lemon juice, first thing in the morning when they wake. This stimulates the liver and digestive system to clean out what was processed and detoxified overnight. Plus, you get a straight shot of Vitamin C to boost your immune system, beautify your skin, and freshen your breath!

Check out more uses for lemon:

Antibiotic - Lemon is an effective infection fighter, since it's ridiculously high Vitamin C content boosts your immune system triplefold. For sore throats, gargle a mixture of half water and half lemon juice. During the wintertime, drink the solution to fight fevers, colds, and the flu.

Digestive aid - Lemon in warm water alleviates heartburn, bloating, gas, constipation, and nausea. Also, since lemon is a blood purifier and liver cleanser, it will help your liver produce more bile and therefore help you digest food better.

Weight loss - Pour lemon juice on a greasy stove and you'll see how quickly it dissipates the fat. Same thing in your body. Goes into your fat stores and blasts away!

Gorgeous skin - Going back to the high vitamin C content, this little fruit can help your skin radiate and glow! Watch your wrinkles, lines, freckles, warts, and moles disappear!

Normal blood pressure - Most of us eat restaurant and processed foods that are high in sodium, and can increase your blood pressure. Lemon juice is chock full of potassium, which will equalize your blood pressure and help you feel more relaxed.

And these are just a few of the amazing benefits!! Go crazy, enjoy!

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