Friday, April 1, 2011

Work? What work?

I am plumb exhausted and blissed out, all at the same time.

Working in sales at Equinox, I spend the last day of the month working 12+ hour days. Today we got in at 9 AM and I left at 10 PM. We work hard and long, but I'll tell you something: I don't care.

I absolutely love my job. Every single day, whether it's an interaction with a member, a long conversation with a guest who is unhappy with their body, or laughs with my coworkers, I walk in and out of those doors with a smile on my face. I act as a proponent of health. I inspire people to take better care of themselves and exercise.

This is much like my health counseling practice. I inspire people to take of themselves, only the emphasis is on nutrition. Both Equinox and my group detoxes nourish me on physical, mental, and emotional levels. I feel lighter, happier, and freer than I have in years.

And isn't that the goal in life? To find work that you love so much that it doesn't seem like work? I remember dreading to get out of bed for other jobs. But now, though sometimes I do hit the snooze button to sleep a little bit longer, I bounce out of bed and hurry out the door. My passion is for health and wellness, so it makes sense why I can't wait for work. Plus, when you have an incredible team of coworkers, it definitely helps.

What's your passion? Do you love what you do and where you work? It could be having a huge positive or negative impact on your life and health, depending on what's going on. Share.

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